Friday, January 25, 2013

Most Important Supplement for Managing a Ballbusting Fetish

I haven't thought much about writing a blog post because I haven't thought much about ballbusting.

Like I've said in previous posts I do get off track and occasionally have bb urges.  When I don't get enough sleep, drink alcohol or don't follow my diet restrictions my nuts 'bitch out' and I want to be kicked.  If I 'bitch out' I might visit ballbustingtube, fetlife, kickedinthegroin, kramtoad etc. to get off to it.

Well luckily for the last 6 months there's something I take whenever I feel like I've gone off track.  What is it?  Am I going to write another eBook and tell you the 7 magical ways to have unbustable balls?  No, fuck that.  I'm just going to tell you...


(sublingual tablets)

Go buy this, it's like $7.
(And I'm not making any money from telling you)

Remember I believe that xenoestrogens (pesticides/plastics) and phytoestrogens(from fucking soybean oil) have overloaded our bodies and our livers can't keep up anymore.  Well glutathione is the compound that your liver produces.  You have to take it under your tongue because eating it won't get it into your bloodstream - it will just break down in your stomach acid (and make your stomach upset).

This will help your balls not 'bitch out.'  The cure is not immediate... it might take a day, but it is the most effective thing I've taken to stop bb urges.  If I drink or don't get sleep, I plan ahead and take a couple pills.  By doing this my urges never get too bad.

Of course you should avoid xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens, and all estrogens for that matter.  You should increase your testosterone by eating the right foods, and you should not be a fat-ass and live a healthy lifestyle.  Those things are the most important.  But if you do that and still need extra help this antioxidant produced by the liver is the best thing I've found to "cure ballbusting."

Friday, October 21, 2011

Resveratrol: Helps With Testosterone

I haven't updated this blog in a while. Don't worry though - I'm still fighting the good fight to reclaim my nuts.

Over the past few months I've had 5 relapses. Each relapse only lasts a couple days, and it always stems from the same issue... I don't follow my own advice!

A new supplement I'm trying is Resveratrol.

I've mentioned Xenoestrogens before, how the American populace is being inundated with all forms of Xenoestrogens. It's lowering sperm counts, and it's wreaking havoc on our hormones. Well Resveratrol seems to occupy the receptor sites, or biological "parking lots", so that these xenoestrogens can't "park" in their spots.

You may have heard of Resveratrol as the compound in grapes that is being heavily researched for it's anti-aging properties. The reason I got interested in it was because...

"Resveratrol also significantly increases natural testosterone production from being both a selective estrogen receptor modulator and an aromatase inhibitor." - wikipedia

I'm all about increasing testosterone naturally, so I had to try it. Just to be clear, just because I want testosterone doesn't mean I want huge muscles. I just want huge balls!

Remember from my first post that testosterone levels of men nowadays are half of what they were 100 years ago? All the environmental toxins (BPA, xenoestrogens, pesticides) have turned modern men into pussies. You have to take action if you want your balls back.

Don't be like those sissies on or CollarMe who have accepted their fate, and have embraced a life of servitude to some money-grubbing cunt who calls herself a "Professional Dominatrix." Fuck them and fuck stupid American bitches who think being feminine is a sign of weakness. It's not. Feminine women are attractive. When you have healthy testosterone levels, you'll choose feminine women over bitchy aggressive ones. It's the natural way things should be.

To meet the feminine woman of my dreams, I need my balls. So I have to stick to my program and get rid of this fetish.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Deleting my Ballbusting Accounts

So I had a rough time at the start of this week. I didn't eat right over the weekend, didn't sleep well and did something (what?!?) to stir up my ballbusting urges. Then I spent all Monday/Tuesday trolling old "Ballbusting Accounts."

What are BB accounts? Well I made accounts on Myspace, YahooAnswers and others that just deal with kicking balls. I'd friend "bitchy-looking" women, message them about ball-kicking, and maybe even solicit them to kick my balls.

Of course these women never agreed to meet up and kick my balls. Even with a female friend it's a little weird if you ask her to kick you in the balls. It's best when the girl is drunk. A random dude from the internet asking for it, is just way too strange.

Even if she responds ("yeah, I hit balls just to be a bitch")... are you going to admit that it's a sexual thing for you? That you get hard from getting grabbed/kicked/kneed in the balls? No - that's just weird. Yet I can't help asking her to kick me, not when I have the fetish.

Anyway, right now I feel fine. I have no ballbusting urges. I think I got scared and overdosed on DIM (diindolylmethane). I took like 800 MG of it (4 times usual for me). But at least my balls don't feel like being pounded now. The DIM does help. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep also helps. Sleeping only 4 hours, then taking naps to make up for it destroys testosterone. You need deep REM sleep to build testosterone.

This whole confession feels like I'm in a 12 step program. I acted over-confident before, like I'd never have a relapse. I was like the kid from Donnie Darko...

But then that kid goes and asks a girl at school to kick him in the balls. That little fucker.

So if this is a 12 step program... I thought of a new step. I deleted my Myspace account where I friended bitchy females. I deleted my Yahoo Account where I ask ballbusting-related questions. Not sure what step this is in a 12 step program - but isn't "letting go" or "burning bridges" a step?

The thing is... when I feel good, like now, ballbusting doesn't turn me on AT ALL. I'm not attracted to bitchy women either. Right now I want to fuck a feminine woman like this...

When I meet that woman in the future, I don't want broken balls. I owe it to future women I desire, to be a man, get through this now, and keep my balls intact. Getting rid of my ballbusting fetish is a critical component of my success as a man. So no relapses.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 Trigger Foods that Worsen a Ballbusting Fetish

If you have a Ballbusting Fetish, you may notice that certain foods trigger a desire to get your nuts kicked in.

If you want to keep your nuts, avoid these top 10 foods at all costs:

1. Beer - Anything with alcohol overloads the liver, making it impossible to detox estrogen. If you have a BB fetish, you'll almost certainly want to have your nuts busted the day after heavy drinking.

2. Pizza - Grease and Cheese. Cheese of course has a ton of estrogen. Sometimes the bread or sauce has Soybean oil or a cheap vegetable oil. Soybean oil will make you want to have your nuts flattened between two pieces of glass.

3. Soy Milk - There's a reason all vegan, soy-drinking men, actually aren't men.

4. Egg Rolls - Actually not just egg rolls, but any greasy chinese food. I'm not sure what type of oils are used, but they will definitely make you want to put your balls in the hands of a bitchy female.

5. Cheesesticks - Once again the combination of grease and cheese will crush your nuts.

6. Grapefruit - Only fruit on this list, it's the fruitiest fruit out there. It hurts testosterone levels, and even looks gay...

7. Mac and Cheese - With this you'll be asking for kicks that make your noodle go limp.

8. Ice Cream - Do you look manly licking that cone? This won't just make you want to get kicked in the balls, but will also make women want to kick you too.

9. Buttered Bread/Vegetables/Everything - Avoiding dairy is critical. And finding how much butter is in everything will be like a surprise knee in the nuts.

10. High Fructose Corn Syrup - I just hate HFCS. I like to imagine the GMO corn in America that HFCS is sourced from, is shriveling the balls of every male in America. I avoid it.

So that's my top 10 foods that lead to crushed nuts. Good luck on avoiding them. Soy, Dairy and Grease are in everything here... you're pretty much screwed if you're American.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Detox Relapse... Ballbusting Fetish With Avengence

In my never-ending search to have big un-bustable balls, I started searching for ways to detox the existing estrogen in my system. Because a ballbusting fetish is hormonal, detoxing the estrogen completely should cure my ballbusting fetish once and for all.

Yes the Holy Grail - a permanent CURE FOR BALLBUSTING. Impossible you say? Well it's true - I am working on just such a cure.

You see, I have two options:
1. Follow a strict no nut-crushing regiment to reduce my ballbusting urges, and live a normal life.
2. Not follow my regiment, and subsequently become so obsessed with ballbusting, that I solicit women on the internet to kick/punch/grab my balls until I can't take anymore. I'd even pay them money to do it.

So I can't eat cheese, drink alcohol... I have to take all these supplements. I have to avoid all these foods. Just so my hormones don't cross the threshold where I'm obsessed about sadistic women pounding my nuts into mush. It sucks.

So I want a permanent cure. Detox may be the answer. I tried a lot of things, but two things made my fetish worse...
1. Spoonful of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Daily
2. Iodine a few times a week with the companion nutrients.

Both these supplements kick up a lot of estrogen for me!!! I relapsed back into loving ballbusting - so much so I couldn't even think clearly, and didn't want to take my supplements. It made the problem much much worse. I had the fetish 100% again for a few days after taking each of these detox helpers.

I think there's a lot of estrogens built up in my fat cells, or my intestines. I'm going to try an intestinal cleanse (never tried one before) - and avoid things that make things worse. My body isn't ready yet for a permanent cure. I suggest anyone else with a ballbusting fetish to avoid these two supplements that kick up estrogen.

Instead, you should take DIM and Calcium-D Glucarate. Take an anti-oxidant like EGCG or Resveratrol. Take Zinc and D3. Avoid dairy and alcohol. Avoid plastics, and canned foods. Work out, and eat fresh organic produce. Follow this advice and you won't want to be kicked in the balls.

Don't be a fool like me and try searching for the Ballbusting Cure Holy Grail. Some supplements may grow your balls, but others may take them away...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Take DIM supplement and Calcium D Glucarate supplement to Cure a Ballbusting Fetish

To cure a ballbusting fetish, it helps to take a DIM supplement (Diindolylmethane). It will turn the bad estrogen metabolites, into the good estrogen metabolites. That's the main thing that removes my ballbusting urge. When you break that estrogen down, it will need to be flushed out, and Calcium D Glucarate helps with that process. Take the high dose of DIM to start off, twice the recommended dose on the bottle. Take the recommended Calcium D Glucarate dose. Once taking these pills, and not eating dairy, within 4 days your urges will be greatly reduced or completely gone.

Why do we have all these estrogen compounds in our bodies that need to be kicked out by these supplements? Well, for years we've been ingesting tons of plastics. Plastics are xenoestrogens and can destroy a man's testosterone levels. It's why there are so many men nowadays walking around with bitch tits...

You don't want bitch tits do you? Then you're going to have to give up canned foods, plastic bottled drinks, and heavily packaged food products (like frozen microwavable meals). Every canned food has plastic lining in the container. That lining has BPA (Bitch Producing Additive) that increases the likelihood of manboobs.

After years and years of plastic exposure you might also enjoy wearing eyeliner and making out with guys. Sure, keep believing "you were born that way"... keep believing that bullshit, and listening to that transvestite Lady Gaga. It's your choice if you never want to be a man. You can choose to stop your plastic exposure now, take the supplements, and grow some balls. Yeah ballbusting used to feel amazing - I constantly wished for a bitchy woman to slam her knee up into my balls, completely crushing them against my pelvic bone. But not anymore. I found what worked, and cured my ballbusting fetish. If you like femdom, ballbusting, or even if you're gay... listen to this blog and I'll cure you. This blog is pure truth.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stop Ingesting Estrogens in food to Cure a Ballbusting Fetish

To cure our ballbusting fetish we need to fight estrogen dominance. We need to have more testosterone. Be a manly man, etc.

If you want to cure ballbusting, I believe it's absolutely critical to never eat dairy products.

It's absolutely critical to do this, or you'll soon end up like how I was months ago, soliciting women on Craigslist to please kick, knee, punch or squeeze my nuts. I wanted to see her look in my eyes with my nuts in her hand, and slowly crush them as I begged and whimpered.

But NO MORE. If some non-feminine woman got anywhere near my balls, I'd punch the bitch in the face. Because now I'm a man. And you could be too!!!

You first need to avoid dairy. There's just too much estrogen in dairy! Dairy accounts for 60 percent to 80 percent of estrogens consumed in our diet. Part of the problem seems to be that milk comes from modern dairy farms, where cows are milked about 300 days a year. For much of that time, the cows are pregnant. Milk from a cow in the late stage of pregnancy contains up to 33 times as much of a signature estrogen compound (estrone sulfate) than milk from a non-pregnant cow.

Cows are Gay

The idea that you NEED to consume the milk from a farm animal's tit for "healthy bones" is absurd. People in China have stronger bone density and less cases of osteoporosis than the USA, yet they rarely consume any dairy foods. So avoid dairy. It's addictive. I used to love it. And it was very hard to give it up completely, especially cheese. But cheese is the worst form of dairy (it's highly concentrated). You must give it up!

After giving up dairy, you'll also want to avoid the artificial estrogens injected into farm animals, so you should try to eat organic. Organic animals don't eat food sprayed with pesticides, and therefore have less xenoestrogens in their meat too. If you need protein, but have a hard time eating organic meat... try getting organic eggs. I eat 3 organic eggs every morning. Protein in the morning helps decrease appetite and helps you lose weight. There is no higher quality animal protein than eggs. And it's easy to find organic ones, even if they are twice the price.

I also don't like soy. Soy has a lot of estrogenic compounds. Try almond milk for cereal, if you are thinking you need milk or soy milk. Almond milk tastes better anyway... I get the pacific natural brand from Trader Joes for under $2.

Asians eat a lot of soy. Do they look manly to you???

Ok then, don't eat soy!!! So what should you eat? Fruits, nuts, vegetables and lean meats. Preferably organic. If you do this, you'll have completed the first step, and on your way to eliminating urges to have your balls smashed in by a nutbusting female.